Modern swimming pool technology offers many exciting possibilied for those who have always wanted to install their very own swimming pool.

What kind of solutions do we offer?

We offer everything from a single source.


Summer sun getting too hot? Cool off with a splash!Indeed with all the new technology of the information age now we are able to enjoy the advantages of a swimming pool during the winter too. We are also experts in the field of water treatment and as a full service provider supply a range of top-end water treatment. In order to give complete experience in the bathing we are also able to install special fittings,features and playgrounds.

Water exeprience features:

We can be thankful for the rapid devolopment of swimming pool technology, and since stress is now part of our every day lives, it’s very important that all our time for relaxation be spent in the highest of quality.Relaxation and having fun are great stress relievers for children and adults, young and old. This can be guaranteed with only the highest quality of water experience features.

In our offer the followings could be found:

hill slide, jet beds, water caves,wild water rivers, cliff jumps,hot tubes and their brethrens.

Cold Plunge Pools:

The most effective way to cool down for sauna bathers is the cold plunge pool. These pools are kept cool at around 8-10 degrees when turned on, when turned off they stay at around 18-20 degrees. These temperatures will be guaranteed by the special equipment we install. Construction and installation should be left to professionals.

Should you have any questions or inquiries regarding swimming pool technology, please turn to us with trust, we will gladly assist you via phone, e-mails or in our store.