Nowadays fitness excersises are becoming a more and more liked activity, as people are moving up and about more often, looking for a way to have fun recreation and get fit in nature, gyms, baths, and spas. The newest innovation in the field of Fitness is specially designed equipment that allows outdoor exsercsises to be easily done in ones backyard. This newest outside fitness trend has taken over the world by storm, and this special equipment can now be found here in Hungary also.

A big advantage of this is that handicapped people can also fully enjoy these outside excersises with ease.

As of 2012, Szaunatura Bt. has been the exclusive distrubtor for the internationally acknowledged Doapark company based in Turky. With offering a wide variety of top of the line, high-quality products they have become one of the industries most unique and highest rated companies. Another very effective form of fitness, beside outdoor, is water fitness, which does a great job of toning your body, and is easy on your joints, making it a perfect form of excersise for all age groups.

With water fitness you use every machine just as if you were in a gym. The equipment looks similar to those you would see in a gym, but are fitted with special waterproof technology.

What options do we offer for our customers?

  • Fitness park
  • Outdoor fitness
  • Water fitness

All equipment provided through us are made with the highest quality management, the best weather-proof materials, and the latest technological advances, making them the number one choice for those with the highest standards.

If you have any questions regarding our products and/or services, please do not hesitate to contact us! Our customer care professionals are available to answer any and all inquiries you may have.