Since ancient times saunas have been considered very beneficial to ones health. It cleanses the mind, body, and soul, strengthens your immune system, and replenishes your energy. In a sauna the air is so hot and dry that bacteria and virsuses have no chance of surviving. Obstruction free movement is very important to us.

We are committed to provide obstruction free places to make the movement easier for people with special needs. Our aim is to make carefree recreation and rehabilitation completely accessible for everyone. Szaunatura Bt. strives to make their features accessible for everyones if needed.

How do we ensure the use of sauna available for handicapped people?

We build in a special ramp to any type of sauna and construct all the experience-enchancing elements to make it  convenient for handicapped people.

We also consider specials needs of customers and base our plans around them when building.

To go on an obstruction free holiday can not cause you headache anymore!

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding obstruction free experience-enhancing elements, please turn to us with trust, and we will gladly assist you.