Just like the different sauna types the steam rooms are also in their heyday. Nowadays you would be hard pressed to find a gym, swim park, or hotel that isn’t fitted with a steam bath or sauna.

Steam rooms were used in ancient roman and greek culture for preserving ones health. These old Greek, Roman, and Persian sweat baths are being put in more and more welness hotels and sport centers here in Hungary.

Frequent usage of a steam room is not only good for your physical condition, it is also mentally therapeutic. Thanks to the high humidity, saunas and steambaths are both amazing solutions for many respiratory problems, as they work with the same concept of an inhaler, cleaning up bacteria and allergies within our lungs. They also have positive effects on a wide range of problems including: hoarseness, sore throat, chronic rheumatic pains, and stiff joints, among many more.

All our steam rooms come equipped with the highest technology, and are aesthetically beautiful. Come see for yourself and you will not be disappointed, or check out one of our many references for more information. We strive to serve our customers even after they have made their purchase!

If requested we can help with the maintainance, or we can give you tips and useful information on keeping your steam rooms in perfect condition.

Before construction we consider each of our customers specific needs.

You’ll have the sauna experience with you on-hand wherever you go!

Why are we the best choice for constructing your steam room?

  • A team specialized in sauna building with many years of experience.
  • Commitment towards quality work
  • Customer oriented mentality
  • Free consultation and blablabla
  • Competitive prices and warrantee

Szaunatra Bt. continuously serves its customers with high quality services and considers their needs cerefully. From a small business it has become a successful and reliable company that now serves most wellness hotels in it’s home of Hungary. Our goal is to provide the best solutions for our customers, for instance, the construction of steambaths. We are continuously monitoring the demands and changes on the market,therefore we are always up to date profesionally and technologically.

Should you have any questions comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.