Experience- enchancing elements

Wellness getaways and similar bath/relaxation vacations have always been soul lifting and stress relieving experiences, but with technological advances happening so fast, we now have unique experience-enhancing elements. With these, your vacation can be taken to the next level of relaxation. Among these experiences you can find traditional, well-established methods, but with new, stylish designs fitted with modern technology. The most popular of these are the wellness showers, such as the sauna bucket shower.The best known enhancing elements are the experience showers, the most popular and well-known among them being the sauna bucket shower.

Contrast showers are one of the best wellness showers, so good in fact, that many people have made it part of their daily lives. Contrasts showers boost your immune system, blood circulation, and overall mood, invigorating your whole body, and with regular usage, can tighten your skin helping against wrinkles, therefore it is highly recommended to take a refreshing, ice-cold bath after every sauna use.

This is why sauna bucket showers have become so popular, because they constantly refill with cold water and their usage requires very little energy, you can cool yourself off with a splash of cold water in a single movement. Ofcourse, we have many other options for those that would prefer a more comfortable and gradual cooling experience.

You could take a relaxing experience-shower, sit back with an ice cold foot bath, or take a walk on a cooling Kneipp path.

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In our offer  you can find the following:

  • Experience showers
  • Sauna bucket showers
  • Kneipp path systems
  • Foot baths
  • Ice fountains

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