Experience and technology at the same place! Szaunatura Bt. is one of the world’s leading authorities that offers wide range of products and comprehensive services.We are following the changes and innovations on the market in order to keep up with our customers needs.
Our supply is not limited to just saunaus, it also contains special devices and equipment with a wide variety of uses. Amongst our products you can find a wide range of the steam generators. Nowadays steam baths and steam cabins are in their golden ages. Day by day more and more people would like to enjoy the refreshing,cleaning and special detox effect of steam baths.

After a hard week you should give yourself a few hours and relax in a steam bath as it is one of the most effective modes of relaxation.

Ice machines:

with ice machines we can produce artificial ice, which is good for cooling of the body and helps with blood circulation.
Ultra Sound Salt Generators: We can use these special ultra sounds in different salt facilities for a wide range of effects.They can bring the same climate with exactly the same effects as their natural counterparts.It accelerates the effectiveness of salt therapy.

Aroma therapy:

Many of us link wellness with inhaling essential oils.
The positive affects of these oils proved to be very effective, and after a little research you will surely find a fitting essential oil for yourself,
Aromatherapy can help combat many illnesses. The best way to use these special oils would be in an aromatherapy cabin.

What Szaunatura Bt. can offers to you:

After I quick, free instpection we can give a sales quote for the installation of these special elements
We give youa full tutorial if needed

If any question or inquirie comes up please feel free to contact us, our colleagues will gladly assist you with it.