Relax and forget about your problems! Take a few hours for yourself and let your soul and body recharge and purify in the relaxation rooms constructed by us. Relaxation rooms are the most pleasant part of wellness hotels.Nothing but peace and calmness fills the rooms. We can relax in a comfortable bed, listen to soothing music, or read a book we’ve been wanting to but haven’t had the time to. With the assistance of Szaunatura Bt you can consider your own relaxation room in your home. The relaxation rooms are not only about relaxing but there we can also toning and detox our body and beside that we can recharge our soul with positive energies. It is another level of recreation!

What kind of recreation rooms do we offer?

  • Aqua meditation room
  • Menthal oasis
  • Tepidarium
  • Reacreation room of heat therapy
  • Sunbeach/Solar beach

The construction of these rooms are not limited to wellness hotels, and can be built up in various places. We can turn just one room into a relaxation room, or we can rebuild whole sections. After closing a water fitness excersise with a nice sauna, you should definately give yourself a few moments of harmony in a relaxation room.
After a quick inspection we give you price offer!

Should you have any questions please fell free to contact us we would gladly assist you at our store or via e-mail,phone.